The Best Kiwi Craft Beer Styles for Every Season

As the seasons shift across New Zealand, so do our preferences for craft beer styles. From light and refreshing options to rich and robust brews, the Kiwi craft beer scene offers a diverse range of beer styles that cater to every season. Whether you're cooling off in summer or seeking warmth in winter, there's a craft beer style for you. And thanks to Mascot Liquor, your go-to destination for craft beer online, these top Kiwi craft beer styles are just a click away.

Summer Sippers: Quench Your Thirst
Session Ales: These light and crisp ales are perfect for sipping on a hot summer day. They often feature bright hop aromas and are incredibly refreshing.

Pilsners: A classic summer choice, pilsners are known for their clean, crisp taste, and a touch of hop bitterness that provides a thirst-quenching experience.

Autumn Harvest: Rich and Flavorful
Scotch Ales: As the weather cools down, opt for Scotch ales with their deep, malty sweetness and caramel notes, making them a delightful choice for autumn evenings.

Bitters: English-style bitters are characterized by their balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness. They pair wonderfully with the heartier foods that autumn brings.

Winter Warmers: Embrace the Chill
Imperial Stouts: These dark and robust beers offer intense flavors of coffee, chocolate, and roasted malt, providing the warmth and comfort you need during the cold winter months.

Porters: Porters, with their dark, roasted character and hints of coffee and chocolate, are another excellent choice for sipping by the fireplace.

Spring Blossoms: Light and Floral

Pilsners: As spring brings a fresh start, revisit pilsners with their zesty, floral, and slightly hoppy character, which perfectly complements the blooming season.

Double IPAs: Spring is the season of hop revival, and double IPAs bring a burst of floral and citrus hop flavors that will have you bouncing back from winter's chill.

Year-Round Favorites
Lagers: A classic year-round choice, lagers offer a clean and balanced profile that suits any season.

Hazy IPAs: These juicy and hazy beers, packed with fruit-forward hops, provide a year-round burst of flavor that you can enjoy whenever the mood strikes.

Remember that with Mascot Liquor, your trusted source for craft beer online, you can explore these Kiwi craft beer styles for every season from the comfort of your home. No matter the time of year, there's a craft beer style waiting to elevate your experience. Cheers to the changing seasons and the delightful world of Kiwi craft beer!
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