Craft Beer NZ: Support Your Local

At Mascot Liquor, we're more than just beer enthusiasts - we're passionate advocates for independent breweries. Our journey in the beer industry began in the early 2000s when our founder, Josh, started pouring pints at Founders Brewery in Nelson. Over the years, Josh's love for beer only grew, eventually leading him to found Mascot Liquor, a platform dedicated to supporting the vibrant craft beer scene here in New Zealand.

In recent years, the craft beer market has exploded in popularity, but with this growth comes challenges for independent breweries. Financial pressures and the dominance of global brands have threatened the existence of many beloved New Zealand breweries. That's why Mascot Liquor is on a mission to support these independent businesses and promote their incredible craft.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe in the power of local. We're committed to championing change in the craft beer scene and showcasing the depth and quality of New Zealand's beer industry. Through our curated craft beer subscriptions and gift boxes, we offer beer lovers the opportunity to discover unique and rare brews from smaller breweries they might not come across otherwise.

But our support for independent breweries goes beyond just offering their products. We're dedicated to fostering long-term partnerships with these breweries, helping them thrive in a competitive market. By featuring a mix of newcomers and favorites from independent producers, we aim to provide a platform for these breweries to reach a wider audience and share their passion for craft beer.

At Mascot Liquor, sustainability is also a core value. We use eco-friendly packaging for our subscription and gift boxes, and we prioritize working with breweries that share our commitment to sustainability. We're constantly exploring new ways to reduce our environmental impact and support the local communities where these breweries operate.

By supporting Mascot Liquor, you're not just getting great beer - you're joining us in our mission to support independent breweries and celebrate the vibrant flavors of New Zealand. Together, we can ensure that the craft beer scene continues to thrive for years to come. Cheers to that!

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